Thursday, September 02, 2004

Oklahoma City, OK (AP) -- The Tribunal of the Archdiocese of Oklahoma City did not provide the previously desired channel for justice in yesterday's election to the open seat of the Council of Priests. When presented with the petitioner's briefs regarding voting irregularities and the request to overturn the election, one judge on the Tribunal asked, "What, does this Fr. Hamilton have a marriage case for us to annul? If not, then what is he bothering us for?" The other candidates protesting the election results received similar responses. And since recourse cannot be had to the Church's supreme court, the Roman Rota, due to their cappuccino break, it appears the results of Decision 2004 will stand. The Rev. Don Wolf, the incumbent whose seat was up for election, has won the election and retains his seat on the Council of Priests.

Fr. Hamilton delivered a concession speech via radio moments after the Tribunal's refusal to hear the case: "I thank all of my supporters. These past several days of campaigning have been tiring. Though the outcome is not what we had hoped, there is some sense of relief and mercy that we can bring this to a close. I will continue to serve God's people as I have been called to do and I will continue to be of service in this Archdiocese, though not in an elected capacity. While we may always have some doubts in our minds, while we may always wonder about the rightfully elected priest in this election, I have no doubt -- and nor must you -- that the Holy Spirit can work through whomever sits on the Council, no matter how he got there. And the Holy Spirit, dwelling in us by our Baptism, will continue to work through each of us. God bless you. And God bless the Archdiocese of Oklahoma City!"

Thus concludes this extended thread. The election results are indeed that I am among the three candidates who did not get elected. The Rev. Don Wolf was elected and retains his seat on the Council. Thanks for enjoying the silliness and the humor with us!

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