Monday, September 13, 2004

Things that make me go 'Hmm...'

I would never wish to minimize anyone's pain and suffering, but when I see a report like this I start to scratch my head. I don't puzzle over this late round of claims because I know that to reveal abuse and to come forward takes quite a bit of psychological strength. The reason for my puzzlement is the inset picture accompanying this article. What is the photo layout guy trying to say? My initial thought when I saw the title of the article and then the picture was these allegations were an effort to stop parish closings. Yes, I know that technically that doesn't make any sense, it was the strange non-sequitur my brain generated.

What to make of this remains to be seen. I do know that I need to write a little something on reform in the Church but don't know where to start yet. Stay Tuned.

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