Thursday, October 07, 2004

Actor Fox Films Campaign Ad for Kerry

Ah, yes, the new universal snake oil masquerading as a catch-all panacea, embryonic stem cell research. Clearly, this marks Michael J. Fox as the greatest actor of our time. To be able to play Alex P. Keaton, uber-"greed-is-good"-80's-prosperity-Republican while at the same time being a Democratic campaigner demonstrates a true ability to hide himself in the role he plays.

Again, this is more grist for my mill that Hollywood and the entertainment industry thinks we are remarkably stupid. "Ooooooh, Alex said to vote for John Kerry." Sad to say it, but I suspect the vast majority of people are dumb enough to say, I like his movies; I must like his politics. I wish people could understand that the destruction of the unborn to harvest stem cells in the hopes of curing illness, even though current research continues to suggest that adult stem cells work better, still is a grave moral evil. If a married couple wants to have children, but currently are infertile, this doesn't justify their kidnapping the cutest kid on the playground. In the same way, people suffer from terrible illness and we should do what we can to ease their suffering or even cure the illness, but we cannot do it if it cost the life of another person in the process. A Faustian deal like that leads us nowhere.

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