Thursday, October 21, 2004

As my Hispanic friends might say, "No Tienen Verguenza?"

Pro-Life Group Condemns UNICEF Halloween Fundraiser Over
Washington, DC ( -- Halloween is just around
the corner and for another year UNICEF is urging children to collect funds when
they go trick-or-treating. However, a pro-life group that monitors abortion on
an international scale says the United Nation's agency is pro-abortion and
shouldn't receive support. For decades, UNICEF has used children to raise
hundreds of millions of dollars in funds by collecting spare change. The idea is
seen as a way for children in industrialized nations like the United States to
help children living in impoverished countries. However, Steven Mosher,
president of Population Research International says the UN Children's Fund
(UNICEF) promotes abortion. Instead of focusing on ending world hunger or
increasing health care for children, UNICEF now spends a considerable amount of
time on population control and family planning, efforts the normally involve
abortion. "UNICEF denies promoting abortion, but it has endorsed, and even
helped to draft, documents that call for the legalization of abortion," Mosher

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