Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Blogger Fraud

There was a time when I called upon Fr. H to get off his duff and get back to blogging. Apparently, he decided to return the favor. As most reasonable people know, I have been out and about doing this and that. I have been away from the Rectory of Solitude for about a week now. At the time, I reported that I was away because I was assisting with Cursillo and my support group. But after consultation with His Excellency, Eusebius J. Beltran, I am able to reveal my actual location for the last week. I have been engaged in a covert mission for the Archbishop, progressively inflitrating remote rural parishes, disguised as a large, confused, prairie dog. But because Fr. H's controlling nature, and suspected ties to CBS and TBN, I have had to make this information known. I just hope he had that memo rechecked before he reported that I have left the blog because he has totally compromised my mission. I hope he is happy. As of this writing, I have filed a report with the local TV station about the HAM-Gate Memos. Watch the news for more coverage.

As to turning this incident against Fr. H as a demonstration of his own ego and paranoia, I don't think that is necessary. You see, this whole "Fr. Tharp-is-gone" post (and it does make me wonder if I am Paul McCartney in this little arrangement), demonstrates Fr. H's humility. Fr. H is not comfortable with his PC or any technology that came after manuscript illumination; last night, it was making a weird noise and scared the little trooper so badly he had to call me. It was cute and a little sad at the same time. This recent post simply demonstrates in all humility Fr. H's fear of computers. He needs someone like me to hold his hand and help him navigate this brave new digital world. So, buck up, little trooper, all will be well.

So, no, I would never turn this posting cycle against Fr. H. By manifesting his weakness, we see that the power of his blogging posts come from the Lord, who makes power the weak. Mine clearly comes from some other source ... you know, Beezelbub. But don't concern yourself over my being an agent of Satan. The duties are largely ceremonial.

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