Friday, October 22, 2004

Filthy, Godless Communists, One and All

I liked Mark Shea's comment that he lacked the gene for interest in sports. I "suffer" much the same affliction except when it comes to soccer and American football, assuming I am with someone who has a good grasp of tactics. With the victories of the Boston Red Sox and the St. Louis Cardinals, we have the next World Series shaping up, but I note a curious feature of the celebrations. I am shocked to see how much vile venom is being sprayed Manhattan way. However, all of this opprobrium directed at the New York Yankees is completely uncalled for. Why? Here are my reasons.

1. They are America's team. Say what you will about Washington, D.C., being the nation's capital, New York City is the nation's identity. It is the hub of culture, fashion, society, etc. The Yankees are an American as apple pie. They represent the greatest of American cities and stand as an accidental symbol of American endurance when we were attacked.

2. They are a solid team. I guess it is the phenomenon of hating a winner, but you cannot argue with Yankee success. There are some out there who will say, "well, they (meaning management) were able to buy all that talent." How is this different from any other team? I seem to remember a less than stellar analysis of both the Rockies and the Diamondbacks when they began, principally based on this same issue. Why is it that the Yankees are singled out when EVERY team finds ways to press, to stretch, to fold, spindle, and/or mutilate the salary cap? If they haven't broken the rules, they shouldn't be scorned for better spending practices.

3. Great Uniforms. Okay, so this is kind of frivolous but you have to admit the combo of blue pinstripes and cream, off-white jerseys is hard to beat. I would have more respect for the Cardinals if their official logo included the red hat given to Cardinals. After all, they are in a town named for a SAINT! At least the angels kept a halo in the design.

So there you have it. Enjoy the fact that the Curse of the Bambino hasn't run its course yet, Red Sox fans. I am predicting the Cards in four straight.

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