Tuesday, October 19, 2004

I'm hurt and offended!
For two reasons. (1) I am convinced that Fr. Tharp, though he could have, has not posted anything during his day off simply because I suggested that he would post something. This is yet another lame attempt to make me look the fool before the blogosphere and our loyal readers. When will the cheap attempts to appear superior end? (2) This morning I got an early start on the day. I was innocently drinking fresh ground coffee this morning, watching the TV for the day's first news, when I saw the commercial. It was so hurtful and offensive. It was a Sylvan Learning Center commercial. It showed some young, probably junior high, boy who FINALLY was able to appease his mother with a report card she would be proud of. What got under my skin? As the commercial showed the learning challenged lad at work, the observant viewer could clearly detect that he is LEFT-HANDED! Yes, I get it, ruthless, money-grubbing companies: The lefties are the wierdos, the underdeveloped Neanderthals that must be helped along by the right-handed world just to get by remedial education. It is the same old, tired, stereotype that finds its origin in the Latin term for "left," "sinister, sinistra" from which we get the term "sinister." When will the persecution end? We know Catholicism is the "last" acceptable prejudice, but no one ever mentions prejudice against the left-handed. Catholic AND left-handed: a double strike to my advancement in this evil world. Can't people understand that I'm a left-hander that just happens to be Catholic?

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