Friday, October 08, 2004

Here is an email I just sent to a group of friends that I though the readers of CRM might enjoy:

"My dear friends who have been through so much with me -- the spiritual disillusionment after my experience with the Dominicans, my years of study for the priesthood, the postponement of my ordination by a year -- I must inform you of my loss of faith and conversion to what I anticipate will be a new, authentic freedom. The last few months have been very trying, starting new programs which would just crash. It has caused a lot of discernment of spirits. Last night was my 'dark night' which led to a new ephiphany; one which even when things seemed at its darkest, still left me with a deep sense of calm and peace. This morning after more prayer I finally decided what my heart has been calling me to do for so long, and I made a call...
"My new eMac should be here next week! The dark reign of Windows and Bill Gates has been ended. I have joined the catholic counter-revolution."

Background: after struggling for several months, off and on, with Windows XP, last night I tried installing Xandros/Linux on a partition of my harddrive. Bad things started to happen. After a long and valiant fight until 2:30 a.m. I could do nothing else. My entire HDD was wiped. All my data -- GONE. I had forgotten one of the most basic principles of our Christian Faith, to follow Jesus, and Jesus Saves. While I have a recovery disk, so can restore the computer back to the factory settings with the factory installed software, all my data files are lost -- digital pictures of my ordination, friends, old homilies, talks I have given on various topics, etc. Right now I am using Linux on this computer, which will not recognize my USB ports, so much of my peripherals are paperweights for now. But last night was the last straw, so I ordered a Mac.

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