Tuesday, October 05, 2004

A Modest Request

Athanasius, a.k.a. an old friend of mine from years back, has made a simple request that I thought I would pass along to all our readers. Do with it as you will.

I don't often beg for publicity, but I think that this opportunity merits
it. My fine, wonderful, faithful pastor, Fr. Thomas Loya, has started a radio
show on AM 820 (Relevant Radio's station) in Chicago (11:30am Sundays) in which he explains in detail the churches of the East, their contributions to the
Catholic Church, and how our theology and liturgy could be just what the world
needs. He also intends to talk quite a bit about the Theology of the Body. Fr.
Tom is faithful, charismatic, and probably holy. I have great hopes for the
program.If you aren't in the Chicago area, you can check out the program any
time on our parish website.
program could be part of the renewal of the Byzantine church in this country.
We've been shrinking in recent years, as the old ethnic-club parishes die out.
Fr. Tom believes that we shouldn't die out, that the world needs what we have to
offer. I agree, and I think this radio program could be the start of that
renewal.Thanks for any publicity you can give.

As one who is frequently perplexed over some of the finer points of the history of the churches of the East, this seems like a good initiative. Anyone know a good history of the Eastern rites that they could recommend?

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