Sunday, October 31, 2004

Mountains out of molehills
I had a thoroughly enjoyable time last week visiting a class mate and dear friend at his parish, set in a fabulous display of deciduous fall color. And, yes, I enjoyed myself knowing full well that there would be attacks and cheap shots against me on the blog. I am man enough to turn my back, knowing that will happen, and knowing just as certainly that there is no real threat at all.

One night at supper in a wonderful lodge with great food, I overheard a man at another table speak what just might be the most idiotic comment I have heard. I will hope that the comment reflects his having had too much alcohol, and not what would otherwise be a cause to revoke his right to procreate! The man and the others at his table were discussing being in the Eastern Time Zone on their trip. He said, "Gee, after all these years in the Central Time Zone, it would be rather odd to live here. I'm not sure how I would do it."

I looked across the table at my priest-classmate and said (so that only he could hear), "Yes, how ever could one do it? I imagine it would be akin to -- oh, I don't know -- when we all have to turn our clocks forward: we do it once, we adjust, move on, and get over it!" How hard can it be?

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