Saturday, October 02, 2004

Why not me too?
I have been planning for some time to tackle life issues from the pulpit, specifically Catholic moral teaching, as we approach the November elections. I have even had parishioners ask me to do so. But, after following the statements of many good bishops and priests on the matter, and specifically the scandal of public figures who claim to be Catholic but avow positions inconsistent with the Faith, I said to myself, why can't I publish my own brief letter on the matter to my parishioners. I think reading Archbishop Burke's Pastoral Letter on the matter, released yesterday, pushed me over the edge. So, I am putting the final touches on my letter to the parishioners of my two counties with the hope of completing it tomorrow, Respect Life Sunday. I will mail it to parishioners and have copies in the church. So far it is four pages long and basically done. I need to translate it into Spanish this week. I announced it to the first Mass this evening in my homily on life issues. I am also waiting to hear back from my archbishop before releasing it because I want his comments on it before I do so.

We shall see.

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