Friday, November 26, 2004

I'd like to vomit
I have had a wonderfully quiet day. It began with Holy Mass. At the end of Mass, I exposed the Blessed Sacrament for Adoration. This evening I will give Benediction. Other than one appointment, I have just quietly done some projects around the rectory. Mostly I have been hanging pictures and cleaning up my office. So, I have largely been minding my own business all day. Just a few minutes ago I looked out the window and saw that the neighbors across the street from my front door are, as I type, turning their front yard into a winter wonderland. I suppose I should give them some points for at least having a large Nativity scene in the yard. However, that darn, obnoxiously large, inflatable snowman makes me want to vomit. Or, hey, I just bought some sewing needles to fix a few buttons on my cassock (No! It is totally unrelated to stuffing myself at Thanksgiving.), maybe I could "fix" Frosty?!

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