Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Is this a retreat or an advance?

In an effort to preemptively intercept Fr. Hamilton's efforts at mocking me, I am posting from our diocesan priests' retreat being conducted at the Spiritual Life Center in Wichita, KS. The retreat master is His Excellency, Bishop Blaise Cupich (say it like "soup" and "itch") and is quite good. We are taking emblematic moments from the Gospel of Luke to help strengthen our resolve to live the priestly vocation we have received from Christ.

Of course, the good bishop mentioned that there is always the danger of going backward in the spiritual life. For me, this weekend is meant to be an advance in the spiritual life. I won't comment exactly on Fr. H's movements other than suggest that he has taken the word "retreat" a little too literally. Perhaps a few prayers could be spared?

Also, did I mention how excited I am about the impending appearance of Mark Shea in Oklahoma? Catholics who enjoy their Catholicism encounter Priests who impersonate monkeys and apes and rage. The results will be HIJINKS galore. Where did I leave my digital camera...?

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