Friday, November 05, 2004

Short-Sighted Politicians

I seem to recall, that when Specter was running for re-election, there was some hue and cry to get this guy out. This new report suggests to me something of the why. Courtesy of LifeNews:

Senator Tells President Bush Not to Appoint Pro-Life Judges to
Supreme Court
Washington, DC ( -- Less than 24 hours
after President Bush thanked the American people for supporting his re-election
bid, a leading pro-abortion Senate Republican told the president not to send up
nominations of judges who are pro-life on abortion. Pennsylvania Sen. Arlen
Specter (R), fresh from his own re-election success Tuesday, is slated to be the
chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee when Congress begins its next session
in January. Late Tuesday, Specter warned Bush against nominating strong pro-life
advocates to succeed any retiring justices on the U.S. Supreme Court. "When you
talk about judges who would change the right of a woman to choose, overturn Roe
v. Wade, I think that is unlikely," they would be approved, Specter told
reporters. "The president is well aware of what happened, when a bunch of his
nominees were sent up, with the filibuster," Specter said. However pro-life
groups and leading pro-life lawmakers in the Senate are encouraged by Tuesday's
results -- which produced two new pro-life senators and additional votes for
Bush's judicial nominees. That gives the president a better chance of stopping
such filibusters. Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist noted those changes when he
said, "I'm very confident that now we've gone from 51 seats to 55 seats, we will
be able to overturn this what has become customary filibuster of judicial
nominees." Read the complete story.

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