Saturday, November 06, 2004

Stirring the pot: Part II
I received this e-mail response from a member of the Ministerial Alliance. He seems to agree with my suggestion of the use of the Apostles' Creed for the "Faith Statement" of the alliance. He also attached his draft of a "Purpose Statement." First below is his e-mail to me and the the whole group and secondly is his "Purpose Statement."

Brothers and sisters in Christ,

Thank you, Stephen [sic], for your contribution toward a Faith Statement. I would agree that The Apostles' Creed is an essential expression of who we are as Christians. I think we are needing some statement that expresses the unique character of what God is doing in our midst here and now. I'm not sure how to include both those important elements. It may be that the Apostles' Creed can serve as a"Faith Statement" or at least as a foundation for a"Faith Statement" with a "Purpose Statement" expressing the unique call we are living out through the Ministerial Alliance. With that possibility in mind, I have attached a draft of a "Purpose Statement" for everyone to consider. Please understand it is a draft and I welcome any modifications that you think would help complete the statement. Please share your thoughts on all that has been discussed so far - Stephen's [sic] contributions and mine - and make contributions of your own - so we can move toward statements that clarify for clergy, church members and the general public about who we are as CCMA [Cimarron County Ministerial Alliance].

Your brother in Christ,


And now the draft of the "Purpose Statement." I would especially like to read your comments on this proposal. So fill up that comment box!

Cimarron County Ministerial Alliance

Purpose Statement

The purpose of the Cimarron County Ministerial Alliance is to Glorify God by seeking the face of God (desire), keeping our eyes upon Jesus Christ (vigilance), and listening to the sound of His voice (obedience).

We Glorify God in this way because apart from Jesus Christ we can do nothing - for Jesus Christ is the Head of the Church and we together are the Body of Christ, with each of our local churches being a member of that body.

By the power of the Holy Spirit we are joined and fitted to Jesus Christ and one another to bear witness, to demonstrate and to serve the reign of God’s Kingdom in every aspect of life in Cimarron County…
…to the end that every person living in or traveling through Cimarron County shall experience the reign of God’s Love, come to a personal, saving relationship with Jesus Christ, and live life as a new creature in a new creation, reconciled to God and to others.

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