Saturday, December 25, 2004

2:30 a.m. ... Woooohhh
My first Christmas as a pastor. I have finished the Midnight Mass, with incense, chanted Proclamation of the Birth of Christ, chanted prayers, and chanted Gospel and I doubt I will be able to go immediately to sleep, so I am blogging. Later this morning there is one more Mass (but the Associate has it) so I can relax a bit (before the weekend picks up tomorrow). My Mom and Stepdad are coming into town, so after shaking hands at the morning Mass, blessing the food at the Christmas Dinner at our Parish Hall, I need to get cooking in the rectory for the family dinner. We'll have sort of a Thanksgiving menu, except that the turkey will be replaced by pork tenderloin. It should be fun! Merry Christmas to all our faithful readers and to your families. May you be filled with God's grace in this holy celebration of Christ's Nativity!
Off to bed...

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