Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Back from Salina, Kansas
Fr. Tharp and I drove back to Oklahoma today, after attending yesterday's Episcopal (Bishop) Ordination and Installation of The Most Reverend Paul S. Coakley as Bishop of Salina. It was a fun trip and the ordination festivities were very nice. The cathedral in Salina has a rather unique architectural design. It is made to look like a grain silo. I knew this before going to Salina and I was quite worried about how it would appear. The inside of the cathedral looks much better than the description of a silo would seem to suggest. It is a rather curious idea and, though I probably wouldn't recommend copying it, it is certainly a representation of the people and the land that make up the Church of Salina. The cathedral was packed. I ran into classmates from college-level and major seminary. I saw priests I know from the area and I was really pleased to run into two families who lived in two of my past parishes. It was a neat reunion. Bishop Coakley looked great. He seems very excited about his new duties and the people seemed genuinely excited to welcome him. The ordination was also well attended by bishops from around the midwest. Oh, and despite not having been invited to the ordination, Fr. Tharp and I not only concelebrated the ordination Mass, but also got into a little party after the public reception. All in all, it was a quick, fun trip. I am glad we went. And, as always, it is always good to "rage on" with Fr. Tharp in person instead of just over the phone or internet. Below is a picture of the new bishop. May God bless his new ministry and his diocese!

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