Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Delighted with my own Crapulence

I just got off the phone with the travel agent, and a whole new series of evil machinations are in effect. When Mark Shea was touring Northwest Oklahoma, during the stop in Woodward, we chatted up the idea of a tour of England and Ireland, focusing upon Catholic converts or literary figures. We might include even C.S. Lewis depending on how high my ecumenical fervor runs.

Well, step one is underway. I spent some time on the phone today working out travel times and ideas. Right now, the idea is to spend about 12-14 days in the Isles, marching about and seeing the sites, during the month of September 2005. I am a little gun shy given that Fr. J and Mark tried this sort of thing, except going to France, which, in my book, was the dooming feature. =GULP= Excuse me while I choke down some anti-Gallic bile....

So, start saving pennies and get ready for the next evil plan to be hatched. VICTORY IS MINE!

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