Thursday, December 16, 2004

Holiday sightings
This post will be about two "holidays."

1) What is going on in recent years with all the decorating for Halloween? Has anyone else noticed this? I don't remember near as much effort being put into Halloween house decorating when I was a kid as I see now. I mean it is routine now to see enormous inflatable jack-o-lanterns, ghouls, witches, and spiders in front yards. And I have even seen a "Halloween Tree." I am not kidding here. I saw a home with a Christmas tree in its window back in October. It was decorated with orange and white lights, and the ornaments were the typical scary things associated with Halloween. I guess these folks must take the Halloween ornaments off the tree and put up Thanksgiving ones and then Christmas ones, or else they go directly to Christmas after Halloween. I can't believe they would take the tree down and then put it up again for Christmas. But I guess anything is possible.

2) What is it about Christmas that finds otherwise respectable adults walking around all day, attending to normal daily business and functions, wearing Santa hats? I laughed to myself as I was leaving a store this morning and saw an old man driving his car through the parking lot, looking like an octogenarian elf in Santa hat. Suddenly, my biretta doesn't seem so odd anymore!

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