Monday, December 27, 2004

On my road trip to Fr. Tharp's place this morning I stopped to get some caffeine. On a whim, as I entered the store, I thought, "Hey, I'll see if they still have that Pepsi Holiday Spice stuff and, if they do, I'll try it." They had it. Being a bit skeptical about whether soda companies can really satisfy me, I decided to also by a cherry vanilla Dr. Pepper, in the event that I didn't like the Holiday Spice Pepsi.

Man, am I glad I did that! The Holiday Spice is worthless! It's not so much that it even tasted bad, just that it didn't taste like anything and certainly nothing that I would describe as "holiday spice". I suppose it could have been worse, in that the Pepsi company could have attained its "holiday spice" claim by grinding up Santa's little elves and mixing them with Pepsi formula. I don't need that. I get enough of that in Girl Scout cookies!

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