Wednesday, December 22, 2004

I am assuming that there are CRM readers who have watched the Brady Bunch. Remember the episode when, just before the Brady kids sang in some competition, Peter's voice started to squeak and crack? Well, this morning, while I was hearing Confessions, my voice was squeaking and cracking so much it just reminded me of that episode.

No, I'm not going through puberty a bit late (I'm 40) . . . well, not exactly. My last surgery was to remove all of my thyroid, so right now I have nothing to produce the hormone that the thyroid does, and since they are preparing my body for Radioactive Iodine (RAI) treatment, they will not allow me to take the artificial hormone medication. Since the thyroid is the "thermostat" of the body, in a manner of speaking, as my body becomes more "starved" for the hormone the more fatigued I will feel. A more amusing side-effect is going through the "adolescent" voice change again. Most of the time I just sound very hoarse, but then there are the ocassional "Peter Brady" outbursts. I guess it is God's way to keep me smiling through all this. :)

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