Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Tragedy in the Ring of Fire

There are two ways that earthquakes can be formed. An earthquake can be triggered when two continental plates "lock" against each other and pressure begins to build until the two plates break free and "snap" back creating shockwaves through the crust.

The more destructive version of this happens when one plate goes under another, creating a subduction zone. Then the pressure of the plates' encounter is compounded with geothermal heat and gas. Often a cauldera forms where magma can cool and liberate some of the gases that are trapped within it, thus creating super-powerful explosions. This is what happened when Krakatoa blew its stack, in the same part of the world, in 1887, and this is essentially what happened in Indonesia recently.

Pray for the people of these countries. The suffering they already endure is made a thousand times worse because of this event.

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