Sunday, December 19, 2004

One thing that is really nice about rural America is that it is often largely untouched by modern, secular, political correctness. For example, at one of my missions, the county courthouse has a large Nativity scene outside on the courthouse lawn. Schools around here still refer to Christmas (in contrast, while in Oklahoma City yesterday I passed by a mega high school whose sign out front read: "Holiday Break: December 18 - January 2."

Occasionally I check the local high school website (and the high school web sites at my mission towns) because it is a great way to be aware of goings on in the local community, you can sometimes catch photos of young parishioners in various school events, and you can really impress the kids by making some reference to an event at the school. As I checked the web site for the school today, I noticed something I almost hesitate to share (because some wacko out there who might happen upon this blog might decide to file a lawsuit against the local school district). I guess whoever runs the web site meant to type, "Have a Great Christmas." However, either they got to hurried or the text field ran out of space because what shows on the site is, "Have a Great Christ." It must be a happy coincidence.

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