Wednesday, December 01, 2004

What A Difference a Nap Makes...

Well, folks, today was a complete waste. I have been in a ferociously bad mood all day long due to forces beyond my control. Yes, I know that many will tell me that my attitude is my responsibility, but frankly, given the day I have had, that happiness is an inside job malarkey, is bull-crackers. When the sky rains feces, there is not an umbrella big enough to shield you.

First, there was a whole assortment of nasty happenings here in the parish which I am going into more detail here. Let's just say I don't want to start swearing during the Holy Hour this evening.

Second, I got yet another rejection slip via telephone for the Borromeo Project. This time it was Ascension Press's turn to say, "Wow, you worked hard on this, but we aren't going to publish it." I can understand that small publishing firms have to be careful not to get over-extended, so it's not like I am suggesting that there is moral fault here. It's just disappointing when you have something on your hands that could be a winner, that will be a winner, and no one responds. Oh, well, in the final analysis, no matter if it ever gets published, I know that my future and current parishioners will benefit from the program. I sent a copy to Our Sunday Visitor and it will be 6 weeks before I hear anything back.

Third, I had to do some light editing to my article for Crisis which is another type of irritation. This is strictly a personal hang-up. When I write essays and articles, they tend to burst out in a fever of writing. I will sit and think for a couple of days, but when it is time to write, it bursts forth completely formed, or so I think. When editors send stuff back, it tends to shatter Athena illusions.

Granted, I took a nap and I feel better, but I am on the short fuse.

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