Sunday, January 16, 2005

Here is another classmate. Is this a classic "priest on vacation" look or what?! This priest was getting ready to go out on a hike; he only had black socks! I have cropped the photo to protect his identity: I don't want him ending up on a "worst dressed list" and given that he is a formator in a seminary, I don't want any seminarians from his place getting undo ammo to use against him! Oh, and to any wise guys who think they have figured out this priest's identity: No, it is not the guy in the yellow shirt from the first photo (above), though that priest, too, is a seminary formator. Oh, and let me take a pre-emptive strike from Fr. Tharp's cheap shots: I'm not the priest in this photo either. I mean, give me a break, my skin is much more sickeningly white than that! Posted by Hello

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