Monday, January 10, 2005

I mentioned that I might start posting the "Liturgical Footnotes" columns which I have been writing for our parish bulletin. A couple CRM readers said that they would be interested in reading them, so here is the first one. Please keep in mind that these are address to a particular parish community; while certainly trying to be faithful to the rubrics, some choices have been made to fit the logistics of this church. Also, as a parochial vicar, I must support the decisions of the pastor. I am not saying that my pastor is wrong in his choices, because he truly tries to implement what the Church says we should do, however I might have chosen differently if it was up to me (and I could, in my inexperience, be just as easily wrong). Now, I am talking about small matters which have no effect on the validity of the Mass, e.g., where to have the Reader and Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion sit during Mass. Also, by way of introduction, my Bishop decided that the Diocese would implement the General Instructions of the Roman Missal, 3rd Edition (GIRM) on the First Sunday of Advent, 2004. Prior to this we talked about this at all of our Masses to prepare the people for "the changes." In truth the "changes" were very minor. The bigger emphasis from the diocese to us clergy was first, to stop "experimenting" with the liturgy and "do the red, say the black." Secondly, to take this opportunity to instruct the people about the liturgy. So here is "Liturgical Footnote #1":

OK, it did not work. I consulted with Asst. Tech-Monkey Steph and she said the reason I cannot "copy and paste" from MS Word to Blogger is because Blogger does not like Mac (once again the deep seed bigotry against Macs, which is nearly as deep a bias as anti-Catholicism, rears its ugly head). I will be consulting with the two Tech-Monkeys as to how to resolve this technical difficulty. Maybe I can just send the Word file to one of the Tech-Monkeys, who use (Protestant) Windows (instead of Catholic Macs) and they can post them for me. Be patient.

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