Sunday, January 02, 2005

Looking Ahead, Indeed.

Just when one believes that his little corner of the internet is poorly observed, an email comes over the transomere to dispel that illusion. A few days ago, I received this message:

Recently, on Relevant Radio's "Morning Aire", the virtues of your site and apostolate were extolled. Great work!
A quote from a past Pope was read, apparently posted on your website. unfortunately I can't locate it. I do recall it was a very assertive statement about Christians being made in the image of God, being proud of that fact and fleeing from evil...sound familiar? I hope you might be aware of the quote and could perhaps pass it on to me.
Thanks and may God continue to Bless our endeavors!

For those not in the know, Relevant Radio is yet another burgdeoning Catholic radio apostolate taking root mainly in the Upper Midwest. It is akin to Ave Maria Radio which broadcasts both on the internet and in the Michigan area. You should check both out. Also, if anyone can find the archived broadcast which mentions this blog, I would be grateful.

But faithful readers, what does this mean for the future? What is ahead, indeed? Given that I have a face made for radio, could a lucrative contract be waiting in the wings? Probably not.

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