Thursday, January 13, 2005

New Link
Several weeks ago I had the pleasure of re-establishing some contact (via e-mail) with a former parishioner from my first parish assignment, Scott Warmka. Actually he and his family are also "formers" at that parish, since they have moved on to a new location. I noticed that his comment on a recent post left a link for a homepage. I was delighted to discover that he has begun his own blog, the Troglodyte. I can't claim to know why he chose the blog name he did, but I suspect that certain circles in the church view me as an ecclesiastical troglodyte, wishing I would just crawl back in the cave and at least be quiet or unobtrusive while the "spirit" of progress drives on! Anyway, I love the blog's title and I hope you will enjoy the read too. He is now linked in our blogroll.

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