Thursday, January 06, 2005

One of my parishioners told me that they were surfing the Net the other day and stumbled across Catholic Rage Monkey, but they said that the page they got to was last updated in April, so I wanted to see if we are still on the air, web, whatever. I am glad that we are.

Things have been pretty busy here so I know that I have not had a change to wish all of our readers a Happy New Year. So far the new year here in NJ has been wet -- it has been raining I think since the first. While it is tempting to say, "Well, at least it is not snow," since this is the cold, nearly sleet rain which chills you right to you soul, I think I would rather have snow. It would be prettier. The weatherman we should see the sun tomorrow.

The doctors were right about "thyroid hormone starvation" being rather miserable. I am always tired, and my joints hurt. I will admit that I have been feeling a bit irritable, but I have mostly kept it to myself and a few close friends. To my parishioners I have been pretty cheerful; for some reason I find it easier to offer all the fatigue and aches up to the Lord in the midst of my parishioners -- maybe because their presence reminds me that in being configured to Christ in His Headship at my priestly ordination, I was ordained both Priest and Victim. All the little aches (OK, sometimes they are big aches) I try to offer for the People of God whom I am serving. In any case, hopefully I will start feeling better soon. My doctor wants to try to start the radioactive iodine treatment next week, if we can get it scheduled, so that the following week I can start the synthetic thyroid hormone and start feeling more myself.

Fr. Hamilton's photos of his church inspired me to put some pictures of St. James on this blog. Right now we are having the church repainted so it will have to wait until February. We are having daily Mass in our High School chapel, which is really quite nice. Some of the HS chapels I have seen has been models of shag carpeting, wacko "feel good" art & design nightmares. Not Alicia's Chapel (named after one of our students who was tragically killed) -- it has beautiful stations of the Cross, while the stain glass is of a modern type it does what stain glass is suppose to do, teach some aspect of the Faith (in this case the works of Mercy). I'll get some pictures of the chapel too. I'll just need one of the tech-monkey's assistance for publishing them.

I hope to contribute a bit more to this site in this coming year. If my co-Bloggers think it is a good idea maybe I will post a weekly column I am writing in our bulletin explaining the different parts of the Mass. God's blessings on all.

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