Thursday, January 27, 2005

Wednesday I went for my radiation treatment for my thyroid cancer. The body scan I had just prior was interesting, it looks like I have a star right at the top, middle of my chest -- kind of like ET's glowing heart. This treatment is unlike what most cancer patients go through. They are zapped, in other words, irradiated. I actually swallowed a pill containing I-131, radioactive iodine; 102 mCi worth. This means that I am not only being irradiated, but am contaminated. If I vomit, they need to call a HazMat team to come clean it up. When a geiger counter is held up to me, I pin it. In other words I am RADIOACTIVE PRIEST!!!!

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission made me sign papers which allows me to leave the hospital (I had to certify that I have my own bedroom and bathroom, and that I can keep myself isolated from other people for 3-4 days). As I sit here in front of my computer, which is trying its best to irradiate me, I am irradiating it right back. Turn-about is fair play.

The housekeeper is a little afraid of me, and she will not do my laundry now that it is "radioactive." I keep telling her it only needs to be double washed. Oh well, I am stuck in my suite, finally having the time to watch "Band of Brothers." Saturday I will be back in action. Another body scan tomorrow, and hopefully next week I will see my endocrinologist and get on synthyroid so that I can start to feel like normal again.

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