Saturday, February 19, 2005

Another anniversary
Fr. Tharp, in his remarks about the one year birthday of this blog, threatened unilateral blog format changes. He pulls this every once in a while, making sure not to consult me, in some pathetic move to remind me that he actually started the blog from day one and that at any moment, totally dependent upon his graciousness (or lack thereof), he can do whatever he wants with it without consulting me or others. It is always back to the original battle with Fr. Tharp -- maintaining alpha male ragemonkey status.

So, since I apparently can't control the things above, I thought I would at least remind readers of today's important CRM anniversary (yes, another one!). It was one year ago today that the blest Oklahoma addition to the blog was made: Yours truly began blogging with CRM on this day last year. I choose to focus on this and other happy events rather than Fr. Tharp's power plays.

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