Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Bust out the Green M&M's

Well, folks, it's official. Things just got weird for the Alpha Ragemonkey. I was called today by the producer of Morning Air, the morning show hosted by Sean Herriot (author of Meet Joe Convert) and Sally Robb (does she have a blog home?) on Relevant Radio. Apparently, Sean and Sally want to interview me on the air (hopefully with a 5 second delay given my propensity to Tourlette's-like swearing) about my vocation and the blog itself. Yes, I will mention the other bloggers here, nor will I try to act as though I have the only blog in the universe.

It's going to be a phone interview, and that's the depressing part. Because I won't be in studio, I won't be able to make the ludicrous demands that my rock star priest status requires. Oh, it is a small price to pay. I will be on air at 7:30 central Thursday, March 3. You can listen online via the link on our sidebar.

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