Tuesday, February 01, 2005

But who's playing the lead?

I hosted a dinner party as part of my vacation away from the parish. In the course of the dinner, someone mentioned how they always thought that it was fun to figure out who would play yourself in the movie of your life. For example, for mine, I think that it would be super if Chris Farley could have played the younger me, and then John Goodman play the more mature Msgr. Tharp. One of the dinner guests suggested Paul Giamatti for myself, once I am elected pope. (Let's just collectively pray that never happens, the pope part, not the Giamatti connection.) Of course, if this weight loss thing goes as planned, he could very well play me. However, the first person who suggests any role in this movie for Jack Black will be beaten...severely...repeatedly. I can track you via your IP address, bear in mind.

This whole game goes to show how the film is the new novel. Rather than envisioning ourselves through the memorable characters of literature, it is the seen celebrity becomes the point of comparision. So feel free to flood the comments box with your picks for yourself or for any of the staff here at CRM. It will help to put a face with the name.

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