Monday, February 14, 2005

From the Bulletin to You

I started providing CDs of various conversion stories as an effort at evangelization. But then, I realized that most folks don't know what evangelization is, so I tried to boil it down to one paragraph. Enjoy!

From the Pastor’s Desk:
After Sunday Mass, someone stopped and asked me what the word "evangelization" means. Evangelization is nothing other than sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ. What is that Good News? That despite sin, suffering, and death, Christ, by His death and Resurrection, has freed us to live eternal life. Evangelization then is the groundwork, the beginning for all the other works of the Church and our parish. The most essential work of evangelization, however, is our good example in practicing the Faith. Our daily striving to be true disciples awakens in others a curiosity about the Catholic Faith and invites them to receive Christ’s gift of eternal life. Unfortunately, people who are strangers to the Faith often turn away because we don't practice what we preach, the logic being, "If you profess it but don't live it, what is it worth?" The CDs the parish has provided are another good way to evangelize your neighbors as are the many magazines and pamphlets that are available. So, get out there and spread the Word!

In Christ, Our True Savior,
Fr. Shane Tharp.

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