Friday, February 04, 2005

I love it!
Last week Fr. Sibley posted a picture from Austria of some man dressed as a deacon (he may be a real deacon) simulating a "Mass". Let me just go ahead and answer the question for you, folks. No, it certainly wasn't a High Mass! Well, it may have been "high," but that would still present a problem... Anyway, Fr. Sibley now posts that the original photo of liturgical nuttiness has been taken down from the particular parish website in Austria and there may even be a diocesan investigation starting up! I just love this! I mean for how long has this sort of stuff been going on undetected or unresponded to by diocesan authorities and finally, after some attention is given by a blog, someone gets off his keester and appears to be doing something. Oh, the power of blog!

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