Wednesday, February 23, 2005

The Sacrament of Death

Without being too inflammatory, our culture engages in sacramental thinking without knowing it. After all what is a sacrament? A sacrament is a visible sign instituted by Christ to give invisible grace. The problem for the sacraments of the world is that their institution is from Satan. In abortion, we see the garden of Eden replayed, where prideful man wants to re-write the rules of engagement. Sex is no longer about bonding and babies -- it's just recreation.

With that said, I also want to acknowledge that the second biggest lie involved in abortion, the first is that the baby in the womb is neither a baby or a person, is that of choice. After working with Rachel's Vineyard for the last several years, the stories you hear from women who have had abortions or those who facilitated them, center on the absence of choice. Usually, there is force or fear involved. This doesn't make it any better; it makes it worse. It points up clear the destructive nature of the act is not limited to what happens in the womb. It reaches spiny tentacles out to corrupt relationships, self-identity, and even the very purpose of our human nature.

May eternal light shine upon the woman who died. May the grace of almighty God remove this blight from our lands and from our hearts.

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