Friday, March 18, 2005

Demanding photo credit
I was delighted to see the photo Fr. Tharp posted below. I had actually forgotten about it. Allow me to explain.

Last week, Fr. Tharp and I were in Oklahoma City, generally being menaces and theologically obnoxious. As we drove down one particular road, looking for the next ridiculous prank to pull, we noticed the sign you see posted below. Actually, I think I saw it and started laughing, but that is an aside. The sign is outside of The Village United Methodist Church. It advertises the final presentation about a 12 step process given by -- and get this, folks -- Rev. Chuck Dollarhide. No joke!

We just howled in laughter because we thought it was an hysterical name for a pastor -- dollarhide. Uh, oh, grab your wallets, here comes the pastor! OH, no, Rev. Dollarhide is asking for money again. What are we building this week?

Anyway, we quickly decided that the photo of the sign was something we needed to post for CRM readers. So, Fr. Tharp, ever-so-skillfully at the wheel of his Batmobile, turned into the parking lot of the church, drove slowly to the entrance nearest the church sign, rolled down his tinted window, and used his cell phone camera to take a snap shot. Well, it was very sunny that day and the photo was almost impossible to make out. So, to bump the nonsense up another notch, I offered to get out of the car, walk up to the sign and take another shot. That is the shot you see below (and it is still hard to make out well).

So, folks, it may not seem funny to anyone else, but Fr. Tharp and I howled in laughter at what other people passing by the church that day saw and might have thought. Picture it with me: There we were in a black car with tinted windows occupying a strange spot in the entryway to the church. Then I step out, Roman collar and all, and creep across the lawn of the Methodist church to get closer to the sign. Drivers passing by and the old ladies in the parking lot probably wondered what was going on.

Thus is the story of the Rev. Dollarhide photo below.

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Anonymous said...

Wanna know what's even funnier? Chuck Dollarhide is a former attorney. In all seriousness, though, Chuck Dollarhide is one of the finest people I've met in my entire life. Adoptive father of a Vietnamese refugee child in the 1970s, married to the same woman for 30+ years, the patience of Job (I know...he was my childhood soccer coach). So, give the man a break...he didn't have a choice in his last name.