Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Tentacles galore!
I often comment to Fr. Tharp that his many (worthwhile) pastoral initiatives, which he shares with other parishes (sending them his adult formation series The Borromeo Project, and speaking in other parishes), are analogous to tentacles from his megalomaniacal ego stretching out, spreading his influence far and wide. Of course, this is done in all jest and Fr. Tharp, to be fair, does not have a megalomaniacal ego (his is pretty close, but not quite that bad!).

Well, he's not the only one with tentacles folks! No, I haven't grown dreadlocks, but I, too, am preparing to headline a group of speakers in the coming weeks on the topic of marriage and family life. Longtime CRM readers may recall that last spring Fr. Tharp and I were among the speakers at a marriage and family life conference put on by another pastor in the archdiocese. Well, that pastor was moved to a new parish this past summer and guess what? Now in a new parish and with a college campus ministry program, that pastor has asked us to speak again. This time, rather than doing it all in one day as we did last time, we are each coming on a Wednesday night to speak on our subject matter. So, the influence is spreading far and wide, thanks to greedy tentacles and the pastoral vision of Fr. Mark Mason who has now organized this important formation at two parishes! May God bless his work and ours!

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