Friday, March 18, 2005

Two for the Price of One

I am so irritated over how the news portrays this situation with Terri Schiavo as a right-to-die case. If there is, it is the only right that no one will be able to deprive you of. Terri has severe brain damage, but is not PVS. How can I tell? She isn't drooling. Drooling usually is a sign of being unable to swallow, and that is one of the diagnostic keys to assess how severe one's brain damage is or how likely the possibility of recovery is. On top of that, from what I have read, Terri has never received a proper PET scan or MRI or any of the other things that go into making a diagnosis of any kind. Terri could be taught how to speak more clearly and even eat with a fork and spoon, but for that to happen, Terri must receive some physical therapy. Why Michael or the doctors have not provided this is beyond me. As Terri's mother says, "She just eats differently than you or I."

Hence, this post is two for the price of one: fisking media and promoting life. It's religious multitasking.

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