Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Adventures in Work Avoidance

I know I should be working on my article for the diocesan newspaper which is due in about three hours, and I promise to get right to it, as soon as I tell you this idea I had and make myself an expresso. Here it is.

I have a new story line for Star Trek. Yes, I know, I was the first to dance with glee around the corpse of Enterprise, but I think my idea will work. I call it Star Trek: Civil War. The premise is that the Klingon Empire decides that they want to be part of the Federation and seek entrance. At the same time, Bajor seeks admission to the Federation while simultaneously building relations with Cardassia. As a sign of the momentous union of the Federation and Klingon Empire, an agreement is struck to build a pair of space stations -- Klingon design in orbit around Earth and Federation design above Qu'Nos. And everything is going great, until...the Federation station explodes on the day of its dedication. This sets the stage for an investigation that spans the entire galaxy, giving a great opportunity to revisit places and events that might have more meaning now. Mainly, the hope is to expose how many people are truly dissatisfied with the Federation, thus creating thousands of possible suspects. The investigation leads to the outbreak of civil war when the true instigators are uncovered, probably somewhere in the middle of season two.

I haven't ironed out the crew and the storylines but what I like about this idea is it allows for very complex story telling that isn't necessarily resolved in 44 minutes. Of course, that means it won't sell, but you heard it here first.

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