Friday, April 22, 2005

Benedict XVI. . . May He Live a Hundred Years!
I was on my way to a deanery meeting with my pastor when I heard that there was white smoke over the Vatican. When we arrived at the parish hosting the meeting, fortunately, instead I getting to the business of discussing diocesan assessments, we went into the hosting pastor's living room to watch the historical event. Sadly they had ABC on, so I had to endure the insipid comments of Rev. Richard McBrien. When Pope Benedict XVI was announced, I think I was the only one to cheer. At least it shut the yap of McBrien -- I don't think he was able to talk for 5 minutes he was so distaught.

Then the delusional talk of the left began. One of the group I was with actually put forth that this was just an "honorary" thing, and that there was probably an agreement in place that he would resign the papacy when he turned 80. Then it was, "Well, I heard that he really tried to temper the conservatism of Pope John Paul II. Remember he was considered a liberal theologian at the 2nd Vatican Council, so maybe he will show his true colors." Ah, yes, his "true colors" is that he is an orthodox Catholic who believes in teaching and living the authentic teaching of the Church, including the "spirit and letter of the Second Vatican Council" (I think I have Cardinal Schonborn to thank for that phrase to contradict the insipid, "spirit of Vatican II"-ers; maybe "Jack" isn't the only one who cannot read, maybe we should get "hooked on phonics" for all the crazy liberal/heterodox theologians so they could actually read the documents of the 2nd Vatican Council).

The reaction of too many clerics have been SHAMEFUL. On permanent deacon, I am told, in front of a group of Protestant ministers, when he heard the news said "I quit! Do any of you need a deacon?" If I was there I would have said, "Don't let the door hit you on the way out," then I would be on the phone to the chancery to have his faculties revoked. My sister's pastor (in NC) also felt it necessary to publicly gripe about the new Vicar of CHRIST. The whole thing reminds me of Scripture (see, since they can't read, they don't know Scripture either) when Gamaliel, "the teacher of the law," warned the Sanhedrin about possibly opposing God (cf. Acts 5:33-39).

Thus once more I say to His Holiness, Benedict XVI, "May you live a hundred years."

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