Saturday, April 02, 2005

Cardinals Differ on Who Will Succeed Pope

Why I am not surprised at the tackiness of these sorts of reports? Come on...the body is not even cold yet.

Actually, Mark Brumley went up in my estimation when I saw him interviewed on Fox News recently. He was being grilled by one of the anchors, don't recall which, and was asked about who the successor would be. He, obligingly, went through the theories concerning succession, either third world because of burgeoning numbers or Europe in an effort to kick start their Faith. But what impressed me was his personal answer. He said, "Whoever gets elected, I want the man the Holy Spirit wants." Exactly. This is not democracy in action in the Church. The man who goes in papabile usually comes out a Cardinal. So, thankfully, given what is in the Spring/Summer catalog for Ignatius Press, and given that Mr. Brumley is the president (or is it editor in chief) of Ignatius Press, the astuteness of his answer has forestalled a very ugly boycott. This, in spite of not publishing the Borromeo Project... =wink=

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