Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Celebrating Pope Benedict by myself
As Fr. Tharp already posted, I had my long drive from Oklahoma City to my parish in Guymon today. It was sort of tough being on the road for a bit over 4 hours and not being able to talk with anyone on the phone (cell reception in non-existent for much of the trip). So, I did the only thing any fun-loving, young priest could do to feel more connected to the new Pope from Germany. I stopped at a convenience store and purchased "Black Forest Gummi Bears" to eat as I drove along. It was just my little way of celebrating Pope Benedict XVI by myself, since I had no one else to share the joy with.

Upon returning to the parish I led the novena prayers, spoke with the RCIA class (now doing mystagogia) about our new Pope, and then had a Latin Mass, using the name of the new Pope for the first time! It was wonderful. I am so excited.

Tomorrow I need to order outrageous amounts of yellow and white flower arrangements and speak to the local newspaper. I already have the yellow and white bunting up on the church door. I will have to take a photo of it to post tomorrow. I still can't believe this has happened and on the fourth ballot!

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