Friday, April 15, 2005

Ecumenical lunch
I had an interesting experience today about which I am most happy. In the course of getting my frequent fix of cappuccino, I have become friends with two retired gentlemen who attend the Methodist ecclesial community in town. They invited me to a local gathering of men for lunch today.

The placed is called "The Dunes". It is located a bit out of town, out in a rancher's field. There is a little shack with a wood burning stove and a few places to sit inside. Outside there is a pavilion like shelter under which is located a large firepit with a big grill resting over it. Around this pavilion area are a few long picnic tables and many large wooden spools (the kind used to coil huge cable), which are set on end to create round tables at which you stand. You do have to watch for cow patties! Each Friday (weather permitting) local men come by for lunch. Only men are allowed and you have to call in by 10:30 a.m. in order to ensure enough food. The men who come (probably some 35-40 each time) have things working like clockwork. Several guys get together and make the hamburger patties. Another guy makes "salad," which is a mixture of diced onions, diced jalapeƱos, and diced red bell pepper, sauteed on the grill and used as topping for the hamburgers. Occasionally there is a dessert (today was peach cobbler) cooked in a iron pot, buried in the ground with hot coals placed on it. Someone else opens up the back of a pick-up truck revealing coolers offering cold beverages.

For only five dollars you get two hamburgers, two drinks (soda and/or beer), and dessert. And it is delicious and greasy, like only an isolated shack free of Health Department meddling can give you! All in all a very enjoyable and interesting experience. And maybe even ecumenical!

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