Friday, April 22, 2005

The New York Times >I do love their idiocy

The Grey Lady did an okay job with the commentary concerning Benedict. For the most part it was balanced and not sniping at all. However, the idiocy of people in some sectors of the Church continues to shock and appaul me. A woman afraid to give her last name because her critical comments might jeopardize her daughter's upcoming marriage?! Since when? How ignorant and ridiculous! If you are that afraid of the Church, you need to talk to a psychiatrist or a canon lawyer, but certainly not the NYT.

As our own pithy aside, one of the priests of the diocese was present for the election and was quoted in the same article. "A few steps away, the Rev. M. Price Oswalt, a priest who serves two parishes in Oklahoma City, was exultant about the cardinals' choice.
'He'll correct the lackadaisical attitudes that have been able to creep into the lives of Catholics,' he said. 'He's going to have a German mentality of leadership: either get on the train or get off the track. He will not put up with rebellious children.' "

How's that for not gloating?

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