Friday, April 22, 2005

O, to have been a fly on the wall or to possess telepathy...

This is a largely ceremonial gesture for those who are wondering. What I love about this particular article is the comment about having to reinterpret how people have portrayed him. The only people who don't understand that this is part and parcel of Benedict's style, a style of boundaries that are gradually enforced, are the media, who to all appearances have abandoned the notion of absolute truth (an irony not lost on me) and thus are shocked when someone says that a particular proposition is not true and the Catholic who has received his formation as a Catholic from MSM (I don't mean our local OKC Catholic High School Mount Saint Mary's). Clearly, I must stop rolling my eyes at the breathlessness of the reporting because one of them is going to get stuck up there.

Also, I found this quote emblematic of the media's desire to drum up controversy (thus creating news) where none could exist. The quote reads "The Italian daily La Repubblica, meanwhile, reported that Benedict before being named pope had been working on a document to allow divorced couples who remarry to receive Communion. The Vatican had no comment. " Okay, let's think this through. First, Benedict would have had no authority to draft such a document as it pertains to how the Sacraments are celebrated. I could buy something collaborative btwn the two relevant congregations, but otherwise pfiffle. Second, Benedict did not possess the authority to change this as the restriction of Holy Communion and the other sacraments while in the state of a putative marriage derives from not only the Code of Canon Law but from the general universal teaching of the Church. In other words, I am reasonably certain that this cannot be reformed.

Once again, this shows to me how much people don't strive to think with the mind of the Church. I am not the brightest bulb in the marquee of life but even I can figure this stuff out. It's such a pity.

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