Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Willing myself to be unsurprised and failing miserably

I always thought that the Church's use of the word "exposure" to describe placing the Consecrated Host in the monstrance had a double meaning. In the first sense, it is obvious what is meant -- to show or to make visible. In the second sense, it is not so clear -- to place in harm's way. But that is what happens with Eucharistic Exposure. He is certainly seen, but at the same time, he is placed in harm's way. The harm can come from our hardness of heart or even from direct profanation. This should not surprise us either. Maybe it's the clearest proof for the reality of the Holy Eucharist. That what happens to the Eucharistic Christ mirrors exactly what happened in Christ's earthly ministry.

Of course, my shock is waning and now I sit and charge up my lightsaber and phaser rifle. What to do about this seems obvious. Since Ebay claimed that they wouldn't host these kinds of auctions, then all that remains is some enterprising lawyer to start a class-action lawsuit. If you are using Ebay, send them an email telling them that you and everyone you know will not be using their service any more. Also, we need to make an act of reparation for this sacrilege. I will go looking for some appropriate material for the use of all interested parties.

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