Thursday, May 26, 2005

For the Soccer Fan

I know that not all CRM readers are soccer fans, and many may be wondering why I post this to a blog that is general about the Catholic Faith, but I have mentioned the English Premier League before, and how Liverpool is the chief rival for my team, Everton. I have also mentioned how, historically, Liverpool is the Protestant team, and Everton is the Catholic team. So I guess in the spirit of ecumenism I should say, "Well done Liverpool! Congratulations on an exciting, come from behind victory."

Now this raises an interesting issue, for Liverpool finished in fifth place in the English Premiere League this season (they had qualified to play this season in the Champions League, which is the old European Cup, based on their finish last season in the Premiere League. Only the top four teams from the English Premiere League typically are allowed to compete in the Champions League next season, which means Liverpool will not even have the chance to defend their title. Unless, of course, rules are "bent." They just better not "bend" Everton out of the Champion League next season.

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