Monday, May 02, 2005

Memorials for Martin
I have been really touched by the number of comments left on my post below about the death of Martin Palomares. Several of you have rightly inferred that Martin's is a simple, humble family. His mother works very hard to provide for her children and the father is in Mexico. I don't really know much more than that. Anyway, several comments asked if there was some way to help Martin's family or if some memorial fund had been set up. Because several have asked, I am posting this link to an article in our local newspaper. At the end of the article it mentions that memorials may be sent to the Funeral Home and it provides the address. If anyone feels inclined to send a memorial, I suppose sending it to the Funeral Home is the best plan. The bottom line is that the family could use some help and there were some significant medical expenses from Martin's ambulance and ICU care. May God bless you all for your charitable care for the family of a young man named after a saint known as Martin "the Charitable". Thanks!

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