Wednesday, May 25, 2005

No, not vacation
Well, readers, I am back with a few posts. No, I have not been on vacation. I suppose I have not blogged much for a combination of reasons: grief at the death of my young parishioner, distractions galore at this busy time of year full of solemnities and special events (First Holy Communion, May Crowning, graduations, planning Corpus Christi...), and attending to some issues in the diocese (helping to intervene in the situation of which Fr. Tharp has posted, and helping one of our retired priests realize he needs to move into an assisted living center).

The bottom line is that I have not felt much like posting on the blog and/or I have been too busy to get around to it. But I am still around and I am doing fine. Now if only I could get rid of all of this paperwork on my desk...

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